Exploring the hottest Twitter trending topics in the USA


Exploring the Hottest Twitter Trending Topics in The USA and Understanding the power and impact of Twitter trending topics – The USA is a dynamic country having so many personalities in different fields like science, culture, sports, media, politics  that whatever the personalities say or their activities, all wave around the Twitter in huge numbers. The latest trending is all about The Wimbledon and Carlee’s story of missing.

The latest Buzz-

Unveiling the top Twitter Trends in the USA

Topic 1- Carlee, Albama woman who went missing after reporting a toddler walking on the interstate has returned home.

Topic 2- Alcaraz, wins two straight sets in the summit class against Novak Djokovic. For a decade the Serb Djokovic has dominated every single opponent , since 2013 . he was believed to script the same in 2023 championship ,but Carlos Alcaraz ended his reign. he emerged as the victor at the end of five set battle. Alcaraz also intends to team up with Nadal for the 2024 olympics.

“It would be a dream to live the experience of playing doubles with the idol” insisted Alcaraz.

Topic 3- Djokovic’s status as the greatest of all time, is in danger by the beginning of a new era with Alcaraz’s victory. Novak Djokovic with 23 Slams has become the undisputed GOAT. Federer has retired and Nadal is also semi-retired. All that Dodo had said has come true but what he had hoped hadn’t. The other day at Wimbledon, 20 year old Carlos Alcaraz  blew in like a wind, unseated Djokovic and swept the tennis world off their feet.

The impact of Twitter Trends on society –

Social media influence- Twitter provides a platform to make communities and encourages communication between multiple parties and gives instant feedback from customer and potential clients. it gives real-time news and information, networking and relationship building, customer service and support and marketing opportunities.

Twitter has changed celebrity culture beyond recognition. we can  follow the everyday life of a celebrity and more importantly for many fans can communicate directly to the celeb.

Twitter’s power for fast information is credible and the user may transmit the information very quickly worldwide. Overs the years, Twitter has helped to expedite a wide array of social movement and political causes across the world. Twitter allows users to discover stories regarding the news and events, follow people or simply communicate with friends.

Social media impacts society by generating by visibilities around social ethical, environmental and political views.

Twitter is important for business too, through Twitter it can make the most of it-

  • Gain valuable customer insight
  • Build brand name
  • Deliver customer support and feedbacks too
  • Cultivate a brand community

Becoming part of the conversation- How to engage with trending topics on Twitter

Joining trending conversation using hashtags effectively, creating viral content. Twitter is not a two- way communication like other platform, tweets are public by default; anyone can view and interact with anyone’s tweets, however they have the option to protect their tweets through their account setting. You can become the part of conversation by following, like , comments and hashtags.


Stay in-the-know with Twitter Trends and join the Buzz. Twitter is a great platform to use for and is accessible to integrate other platforms. It helps you to promo the products and business. Twitter is a seemingly excellent way to share your moments with the world but unlike the facebook, skype twitter is not as much a necessity, as several people believes. Twitter can be a good source of information regarding public events, news but although twitter is a public forum, the content on twitter should be monitored. tweeting the daily lifestyle of you may be harmful, due to some personal information. Its intention of creation the platform was not bad, but sometimes it may be used for bad intention. when news of recent topic is given on twitter ,it is called into question because it is unable to authenticate the news, so somehow question arises on it’s credibility at some extent.

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